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Paragon Investigative Services

Why Paragon Investigative Services?

Paragon Investigative Services provides professional, discreet and confidential services that include:

- Personnel Investigations

- Defense Counsel Investigative Services
- Audits of Programs, Procedures and Policies
- Backgrounds
 -Organizational Reviews

​- Other Private Investigative Services for Individuals

All services are performed by an ethical, licensed, experienced, and skilled investigator.  There are no pre-determined outcomes.  The facts lead the investigation, with findings supported by articulable statements based on policy, law, and sound evidence.      

Personnel Investigations

Personnel investigations are complex, regulated, and closely scrutinized with intricate legal requirements and ramifications.  Paragon Investigative Services provides you with an experienced investigator who is knowledgeable with the applicable laws, rulings, procedures and regulations pertaining to your investigation, thereby ensuring an end-result that withstands the closest scrutiny.

Defense Counsel Investigative Services

When Defense Counsel represents a client, many times they have a need for a competent and ethical investigator to review all relevant reports to identify any potential issues in their clients arrest or in the reports themselves, in order to defend their clients.  Defense Counsel frequently need an investigator to contact and interview witnesses, assist them in getting to court, and helping to facilitate a successful defense of their clients.  Allen Huggins, the Owner / Manager of Paragon Investigative Services has reviewed tens of thousands of police reports for accuracy and content.  He has also spent well over a decade investigating the actions of officers both as a Professional Standards Unit Commander and as a private investigator contracting with cities, counties, and educational institutions throughout the Western US.  He knows what to look for in police reports and actions, and how to get the most out of witnesses through thorough interviews.

Other Private Investigative Services for Individuals

In addition to Personnel Investigations and Defense Counsel Investigative Services, Paragon Investigative also provided investigative services for individuals who need confidential, and quality investigations.  Prompt service is provided and reasonable rates apply.      

Who Uses Paragon Investigative Services?

Paragon Investigative Services had provided services to numerous organizations, attorneys and law firms in California, Idaho and Washington.  References are available upon request and are not listed to protect the privacy of the organizations served.

Personnel Investigations

Personnel matters and investigations, when conducted properly, are necessary for a healthy organization.  Ensuring your organization is lawful, legitimate and transparent…with employees who are ethical, compliant, and providing respectful and non-discriminatory services within acceptable standards, is critical to establishing or maintaining community trust. Trust, once lost, is difficult to regain. 

Defense Counsel Investigative Services

Defense Counsel are usually overburdened with a variety of tasks as they work to defend their clients.  Having a competent and ethical investigator to assist in preparing for a successful defense can help to alleviate some tasks that Defense Counsel is responsible for.  Using an investigator with over thirty years of investigative experience is a plus for any Defense Counsel and can greatly assist in seeking issues to build a case on.    

Audits of Programs, Procedures and Policies

Auditing is a means of evaluating the effectiveness of a program, or an organization’s internal controls.  Ensuring adherence to laws and regulations is another important aspect of an audit.  Policies and procedures in organizations often become outdated, resulting in “That’s the way it’s always been done,” rather than reflecting the current process, or what the process should be.    

Paragon Investigative Services offers a complete or partial audit of programs, procedures and policies, with specialist advice, that focuses on comparing and contrasting the original purpose with the current status, to ensure organizational efficiencies are met. 

Paragon Investigative Services will address and explain the:

- Condition:  the control weakness to be identified by the audit
- Criterion: the policy or best practice cited as the standard
- Cause:  the underlying reason for the control weakness
- Effect:  the underlying risk related to the control weakness
- Recommendation:  the solution to the problem


Backgrounds are what keeps an organization healthy.  Hiring quality people who are going to be ethical and who are high integrity individuals is important for the long-term success of any organizations.  Paragon Investigative Services offers in-depth backgrounds that will help to ensure a quality hire.  

Organizational Reviews

In today’s economic environment, public sector organizations are faced with the necessity of becoming as cost effective as possible, while providing excellent products and services. Paragon Investigative Services can provide you with an organizational review, and assist you with reengineering, downsizing, or restructuring your organization to accomplish the following goals:

- To create the most cost effective organizational structure and division of work that provides optimum customer service and flexibility for future growth and increased work demands
- To create a productive workplace that fosters the use of management best practices such as delegation of responsibility and participation of all staff in order to promote teamwork, service, quality and individual accountability and ownership
- To align management areas such as performance management, job descriptions, hours of work, and policies with organizational goals to ensure value added by fostering productivity, customer service, and by promoting individual responsibility and accountability

A Positive and Productive Approach

Employees are our most valuable and costly resources.  Investigations, reviews and audits, if not done properly, can leave resentment, cynicism and poor morale in its wake.  The process itself is equally as important as the outcome, with its success directly influenced by the process.   It is critical that those involved understand that they will be treated fairly, equitably and with respect and dignity, no matter what the outcome to them personally.  They will then be far more likely to commit, modify behavior and/or outcomes, and be more readily adaptable to future changes. 

Utilizing Paragon Investigative Services will mitigate many of these issues and concerns.

Other Private Investigative Services for Individuals

​Paragon Investigative Services also provides a variety of other investigative services as needed to fit the needs of the client.  

Who is the Owner / Manager of Paragon Investigative Services?

Retired Captain Allen Huggins is the owner / manager of Paragon Investigative Services. He has more than three decades of law enforcement service, with more than twelve years of experience specializing in personnel investigations and issues. 

Mr. Huggins honorably retired and founded Paragon Investigative Services on the core ethics, values and principles of the law enforcement profession.  He is a licensed and insured private investigator in the State of California (PI License #P28207) and the State of Washington (PI License #4361), and has completed personnel investigations for a variety of police and fire departments, cities, municipalities, and public and private educational institutions throughout California, Idaho and Washington.  He has also provided investigative services for Defense Counsel throughout the Pacific Northwest as well.  

With Paragon Investigative Services, the outstanding quality of service it is known for will never be compromised.  Fees are equitable and may vary, depending on the matter reviewed.  The completed investigation/service provided includes transcripts (if applicable), and a legible, readily understandable, hard copy and e-copy of the final investigative service.

Paragon Investigative Services looks forward to working with you.  For additional information, questions, to determine availability, or to obtain a quote, please contact:

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