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Paragon Investigative Services

Paragon Investigative Services provides professional, discreet and confidential services that include:

 •           Personnel Investigations

 •           Defense Counsel Investigative Services

•           Audits of Programs, Procedures and Policies

•           Organizational Reviews

•           Background Investigations

​•           Other Private Investigative Services for Individuals

All services are performed by a licensed, experienced, and skilled investigator.  There are no pre-determined outcomes.  The facts lead the investigation, with findings supported by articulable details based on policy, law, and sound evidence.     

Personnel investigations are complex, regulated, and closely scrutinized with intricate legal requirements and ramifications.  Paragon Investigative Services provides you with an experienced investigator who is knowledgeable with the applicable laws, rulings, procedures and regulations pertaining to your investigation, thereby producing a result that withstands the closest scrutiny. 

When Defense Counsel represents a client, many times they have a need for a competent and ethical investigator to review all relevant reports to identify any potential issues in their clients arrest or in the reports themselves, in order to defend their clients.  Defense Counsel frequently need an investigator to contact and interview witnesses, assist them in getting to court, and helping to facilitate a successful defense of their clients.  Allen Huggins, the Owner / Manager of Paragon Investigative Services has reviewed tens of thousands of police reports for accuracy and content.  He has also spent well over a decade investigating the actions of officers both as a Professional Standards Unit Commander and as a private investigator contracting with cities, counties, and educational institutions throughout the Western US.  He knows what to look for in police reports and actions, and how to get the most out of witnesses through thorough interviews.

In addition to Personnel Investigations and related personnel matters and Defense Counsel Investigative Services, Paragon Investigative Services also provides other investigative services for individuals who need a prompt and confidential investigation. 

Services are offered in California, Washington and Idaho.

Paragon Investigative Services looks forward to working with you.

Thank you.

Allen Huggins - Owner / Manager of Paragon Investigative Services